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We offer shipping with these carriers:

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Independence Day Weekend (July 4-5)


- August 1, 2015 (Appointment)

Labor Day Weekend (September 5-7)


Monologue (6/24/15):

Sunday openings and closures. We'll have special hours on Sundays after Labor Day weekend! Opening on almost all holidays thereafter, unless I get invited to cool parties and people feed me good food.

Upcoming one-day closures. July 4. August 1.

Closed Labor Day weekend. Have been keeping appointments nicely, but may go out of town, depending on the weather.

New fall hours will include really early in the morning and late at night. Stay tuned!


Weekday deadlines for drop-off packages:

3:00 PM
3:50 PM


These are packages that have a pre-paid label and ready to go. If we are processing a domestic FedEx Express Overnight or 2-Day shipment for you, we can process these at the latest, fifteen minutes prior to the pickup. Please note that sometimes our Ground carrier may pick up early or late, so ask before you drop off your items. Also, UPS is very different than USPS, so if it says "no postage necessary if mailed in the United States" then it is not UPS.


8:30 AM - 5:30 PM M-F
10 AM - 4 PM Saturdays
1526 NE Alberta St
Portland, Oregon 97211
(503) 459-1840 (after hours)


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