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Wang Zhaojun (王昭君) entered the palace at a young age. However, she didn't bribe the painter--so he painted her ugly, and she was never presented to Emperor Yuan. When it was time for a political marriage, she was chosen and was finally presented to the emperor for the first and last time. Realizing that the painter had fooled him, the emperor punished him severely. He can only lament on missing out on such a beauty.


(Another story worth the while: Yu the Great)


Thánh Gióng, also known as Phù Đổng Thiên Vương. Once upon a time, there was an elderly couple longing for a child. Eventually, they gave birth to a son. The first three years of his life, he did nothing and never uttered a word. Then one day, he heard the messenger from one of the Hung Vuong dynasties--calling out for brave soldiers to defeat the invaders and protect the kingdom. He then called out to the messenger to bring him the finest whip and horse, and told the villagers to feed him rice. He grew to ride the finest steed while whipping away all the evil forces.





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