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We proudly offer shipping with these carriers:

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Services at Tran Postal Central LLC



Fax Services

$1 per page. We can only send faxes within the United States.


Black & White Photocopying

Ten cents per side.


Public Computer Usage

15 Minutes of Fame!

$1 per fame on the computer.

Some people need more fame than others, so we have a flat-rate of $1 per computer use.

10 cents a B & W side print out regardless of whether you print it or we do.

We do not have color printouts because we're trying to cut costs without raising our prices.



Box Numbers by inches, our prices for the magnificent twelve hasn't changed since 2006! Check out our awesome display on the wall at the shop!

#1 ($1.90):

4 x 4 x 24

#2 ($0.90):

6 x 6 x 6

#3 ($1.60):

10 x 10 x 6

#4 ($2.00):

12 x 12 x 6

#5 ($1.80):

12 x 9 x 9

#6 ($2.60):

14 x 10 x 8

#7 ($2.80):

15 x 12 x 10

#8 ($3.20):

16 x 16 x 12

#9 ($3.40):

18 x 12 x 12

#10 ($3.70):

18 x 18 x 12

#11 ($4.50):

24 x 12 x 12

#12 ($5.70):

24 x 16 x 13

We also sell various size envelopes, shipping tape and other packaging supplies. Unfortunately, in order to not raise any of our box supply prices, we will have limited office supplies.



When you open a private mailbox at Tran Postal Central LLC you get much more than a "PO Box." For the home-based businesses, a private mailbox provides you with a street address that allows you to have a business address without having to use your residential one. Also, our mailboxes offer security and reassurance when receiving items with personal information.

A private mailbox permits you to receive deliveries from ALL carriers, neither of which can deliver to a post office box at a USPS facility. Rental agreements are 3, 6 and 12-month commitments. There is a refundable $8 key deposit.

As of March 2014, mailbox renewal notices will exclusively be delivered to the designated number, only phone and/or e-mail notices will be given seven days prior to initial due date, as well as seven days prior to closure of mailbox a month later.

Rates for Mailboxes Will Increase Beginning in 2015

In 2015, the new Blue all-inclusive mailbox terms will be introduced. More efficient and positive services will be provided at the rates of $45 (for three months), $78 (for six months), and $132 (for a year).

100s will be now known as Xanh (“blue” in Vietnamese), previously known as Small mailboxes, and briefly labeled as Baby Blue. 200s are now known as Turquoise, previously known as Medium. 300s have been changed to Ocean Deep, formerly known as Medium Plus, as well as Primary Blue.

Xanh, Turquoise and Ocean Deep mailboxes have options in the entire year of 2014 to prepay mailbox terms, as the new rates will be effective 1/1/15.

Archived News



As of March 2014, mailbox renewal notices will exclusively be delivered to the designated number, only phone and/or e-mail notices will be given seven days prior to initial due date, as well as seven days prior to closure of mailbox a month later.


- Implementing the new Blue all-inclusive mailboxes with names changed to the respective colors of mailboxes. Price changes will be effective 2015. Small, Medium and MediumPlus mailboxes are consolidated to the newly introduced Blue system.

- We no longer offer USPS drop-off services for prepaid packages and parcels. Letters are still accepted.

- There is no longer tracking with USPS. Put a stamp on it and call it good.

- We've changed our Saturday hours to close at 4 PM.



As of 10/10/12, we will no longer ship via USPS Priority Flat-Rate BOXES, unless to an APO or an International address.

- New ownership. Tran Postal Central LLC.

- Updated website.



- We limited our copy and computer services to basic printing needs. You can bring your own paper, but please check with the clerk at the counter before loading our machine. Thus, our cardstock will only be used for our existing restaurant clients for menus.

- As of December 30, 2011, we will no longer accept American Express credit cards.

- We offer limited USPS drop-off services to only proper packaged shipments.

- As of November 1, 2011, we no longer accept Discover credit card transactions.



- Shipping Ninja Logo Contest! Congratulations to Ray Estrada for winning!

- As of November 1, 2010, we will no longer have Notary services. We are focusing primarily on shipping. Other services we still offer: basic copies, basic computer prints, domestic faxing, limited mailing, and mailboxes.

- As of October 1, 2010, USPS prepaid drop-offs will go out the next day with our mailman at 10 AM PST.

- As of January 20, 2010, we will no longer accept other UPS account numbers unless they are already preprinted labels. This is to assure UPS numbers are not incorrectly written.



- We will limit our USPS services to the following: First-Class, Media, Priority and Express.

- Summer 2009, new web site look and radio ad aired.

- MediumPlus mailboxes added.



- DHL no longer has domestic shipments. Services are limited due to the lack of international shipments with DHL.



- Medium mailboxes are added.



- New ownership as of November 2006.

- Moved from NE 12th Ave and Alberta St to NE 15th Ave and Alberta St.



- Postal Central and Copy got started on NE 12th Ave and Alberta St.


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